Pour galore!

We’re doing a maths investigation to see if we can make three lots of 3l. All we know is one jug is 9l, one is 7l, one is 4l and one is 2l. 

We Had to either pour all of one jug into another, or pour until another jug is filled.
We found it was impossible, so then asked:

“What would make it possible?”


What are our joints for?

Can you scratch the back of your head without using your elbow joint?

It certainly isn’t easy! Our joints help our muscles and bones give us movement. We use them without thinking. 

What joints have we used to make these letters?

We even included some of our maths!

“Our A has three acute angles, two obtuse angles and a reflex angle!”


Woodside Falconry and Wildlife Park

What an amazing day we’ve had!

Thank you so much for being well behaved, enthusiastic and polite. The fantastic Rangers commented on how nice it was to have you all there and were very impressed by your eagerness and thoughtful questions!

Here are a few pictures to provide a taste of all the amazing things we saw throughout the day – and we still didn’t get the chance to see everything!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Stanhope



Tomorrow is our trip to Woodside! Please remember to arrive between 8:15 and 8:35 and to wear comfortable shoes. 
Children have asked if they can bring a small amount of spending money. This is fine, however I cannot guarantee there’ll be time for the gift shop and they will need to be responsible for their own money.